Media mergers

There is speculation that if the New York Times or Washington Post
continue to lose money at their current rate (as of early 2009)
that one or both might actually have to go out of business.
Here’s a thought:
How about a merger of the two?
I am not a professional media observer,
but to a naïve observer
both the range and style of coverage of the two are quite similar,
as are their editorial stances.
It would hardly be a culture clash.
How much money would be saved is a question.
I know many readers read both,
so the circulation of the merged paper would be somewhat less than
merely the sum of the two paper’s separate circulations,
but surely the savings in reporting and editorial staff would be considerable:
the merged staff would need to be only slightly larger than
that of either one alone.

Finally, what to call the merged company?
How about the Grahamberger?

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