New York Times and the economy


Mr. Bernanke’s Warning
New York Times Editorial, 2011-08-27

[The key point is the total myopia shown towards manufacturing in this country.
The editorial focuses on housing, stimulating consumer demand, and infrastructure.
It ignores the on-going balance of trade deficit with East Asian nations,
with all that signifies for ever-growing indebtedness to those nations
and the increase in power that it gives them.
It also ignores the effects of the transfer of technology to them.
It just echoes the on-going lack of interest in Jewish-controlled organizations
(and even the ADL must admit that
the New York Times is owned and controlled by a Jewish family)
in maintaining a strong role for manufacturing in this country,
as opposed to their pie-in-the-sky, fairy-tale talk of a
“post-industrial, knowledge-based” economy.
Who is supposed to manufacture the manufactured goods that,
even in such an economy,
are still needed to serve as a base?
Who will manufacture all the products that are still needed?
And how would such an economy pay for those products?
Such questions never seemed to be asked in the Jewish-controlled media and “national conversation”, let alone addressed
(i.e., there is no good answer to those questions.
They represent more of the hoodwinking of our society by the “commentariat”).]

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