Washington Post ends Graham family leadership

On Tuesday, 2014-09-02 the Washington Post announced that Katharine Weymouth would step down as publisher of the Post,
ending 80 years of Graham family leadership of that paper.
Of course, that is big news.
Here is some of the coverage of that change:

Post names Frederick J. Ryan Jr. as new publisher
By Craig Timberg, Chico Harlan and Peter Whoriskey
Washington Post, 2014-09-03


[Here is a paragraph near the end of the article,
pointing out how some people watch the Post:]

Peter Hart, a media analyst at FAIR, a left-leaning media watchdog group, said that
“people have been watching Bezos like a hawk
to find some evidence of what his ownership means”

and how the paper will change under his watch.


Publisher of the Washington Post will resign
by Ravi Somaiya
New York Times, 2014-09-03