More BS from the New York Times


Yesterday the Supreme Court by a 5-4 vote ruled that marriage between couples of the same sex is a "right."
Today's New York Times naturally has a lengthy editorial
celebrating that ruling.
On the nyt.com web page is the following teaser for that editorial:

"Justice Anthony Kennedy’s opinion follows the arc of history
in securing more freedom under the Constitution."

My question:
What the hell is "the arc of history"?

That, in my opinion, is typical of what I have heard from the left,
the attempt to give a veneer of scientific objectivity
to opinions that have no basis whatsoever in science.

Exhibit B: The claim that medical treatments for sex-change are "a medical necessity."
What total BS.
Too bad so many Americans are so gullible they believe, or accept as something of value,
anything that appears on the pages of the New York Times.

Too bad so many have been pushing so hard for making the general public
pay for the medical treatments requested by the gender insane.