Scuzoid media strikes again

The New York Times web page on Monday, September 14 2015, in its description of the ongoing invasion of Europe by alien invaders,
describes the situation as a "humanitarian crisis":
The restrictions from Austria, Slovakia and the Netherlands,
aimed at slowing the influx of migrants,
pointed to Europe’s intensifying struggle
to deal with the humanitarian crisis.
Maybe so, but not in the sense they seem to think it is.
It is a humanitarian crisis in the sense that
alien invaders are attempting to invade and corrupt
the historic civilization and culture of Europe.
Down with the invasions, and all who support them!
Down with those who hate and despise the traditional culture of Europe,
which made it the success that it is,
and which seems to be like a flame is to moths,
or honey is to flies and bees,
to the unfortunate peoples of Africa and the Islamic world.
Why is it that Africans and Muslims cannot find happiness in their own cultures and homelands?
Why do they flee their fellow Africans and Muslims,
and want to live with the Europeans?
Why are they so unhappy with their own peoples and cultures?

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