Our media race problem

Let me be perfectly clear on my feelings:
The media is run by a bunch of dirtbags,
whose main interest is stirring up
false and unjustified grievances about police mistreatment of blacks.
Now, that is just an opinion.
But here is some evidence which certainly supports it:

Today, Dec. 24, 2014,
both the New York Times and Washington Post web sites
prominently feature a story about a black man in Berkeley, MO,
only a few miles from Ferguson, MO,
being killed by a white police officer.

On the other hand,
when a white police officer in Tarpon Springs, FL,

was shot and run over by a black man on Sunday, Dec. 21, 2014,
the New York Times did not even run a story on it in their print edition.
At least a search using the ProQuest database "Proquest Newstand",
specifically "(charles kondek) AND PUBID(11561)",
turned up nothing.
The NYT web site shows several AP stories about the killing of Kondek,
but they did not make it into the ProQuest database,
and thus not into the New York Times, Late Edition (East Coast) print edition
that it covers.

So far as I can tell,
both the New York Times and Washington Post
are essentially infused with the biased view of society espoused by,
for example, the then-radicals of the Brandeis University SDS circa 1970.
Is it any wonder that blacks feel they are discriminated against and persecuted,
when the leading white(actually, Jewish)-owned newspapers run such biased coverage?

Do police lives matter to the New York Times?
Not as much as black lives, it seems quite clear.
What swine its ownership and editors are.

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