Race news the major print media ignores

In the post title,
"major print media" is a shorthand for
the New York Times and Washington Post.

For the background here, see the Wikipedia article
2017 Fresno shootings”.
According to Wikipedia,
these shootings occurred just before 11AM, presumably Pacific Time,
which would be 2PM Eastern Time.

As of 6PM Eastern Time, this was the lead story at news.google.com,
which is how I became aware of it.

As of 6:15PM Eastern Time,
a search of the main web page for nytimes.com for the word "Fresno"
shows it does not appear on that main web page.
Likewise for washingtonpost.com.

I note that the killer is a black man, who shot three white men,
and when captured by the police was reported to have shouted "Allahu Akbar!".
Also, from the Wikipedia article at 6:15PM Eastern Time,
According to police, he had "expressed hatred of whites" and the government.
In his Facebook account,
Muhammad made posts about the murders of five Dallas police officers,
in which he praised the shooter.

Now, let us consider an alternative scenario.
Suppose a gentile white male had shot and killed three Jews,
shouting white nationalist slogans,
and his social media posts indicated "hatred of Jews."

Can you imagine how the NYT and WP would have played this?
My guess is that it would have been the lead story,
or at least one of the top stories.

With all due respect for the Jews,
and the suffering they experienced in "the Holocaust",
is it not understandable, and in fact correct,
to see a grave double standard here?

Some further information:
using the site search (not merely a page search) at nytimes.com for the phrase "Fresno shooting" at 6:30PM
produced the following as the lead item:
Three Killed in Fresno, California, Shooting Spree, Suspect Arrested

people in downtown Fresno, California, on Tuesday, before he was taken into custody while shouting "Allahu Akhbar," police said. The suspect, identified as 39-year-old Kori Ali Muhammad, was also wanted in connection with the fatal
April 18, 2017 - By REUTERS - U.S. - Print Headline: "Three Killed in Fresno, California, Shooting Spree, Suspect Arrested"

At washingtonpost.com,
the following appeared on its main web page at 6:25PM
as the lead story in the section "More Top Stories":
3 people killed during ‘unprovoked’ shooting rampage in Fresno, Calif., police say
Police said they arrested a suspect, who was identified as Kori Ali Muhammad and described as a man with a lengthy criminal history who went out Tuesday intending to kill people.
By Mark Berman
Note the Post says he was "intending to kill people",
not "intending to kill white people".
But what can you expect from a true hider of significant facts like Martin Baron?
Talk about "Democracy dies in Darkness"!
The Post keeps politically incorrect facts out of their stories.

Just for contrast,
this shooting of three police officers in Paris, occurring two days later,
is the lead story on the WaPo web site and
tops the second column at the NYT web site.


More bullshit from the New York Times

Consider the article

The Evangelical Roots of Our Post-Truth Society
by Molly Worthen
New York Times, 2017-04-13

"The deep distrust of media and scientific elites has its origin in old-time religion."

[The above sentence is the blurb on the main NYT webpage for this article,
the following are my comments on that idiotic idea.]

What bullshit!
Let me give an example, that has very little to do with religion, old-time or modern.

Our "scientific" elite, in the form of the American Psychological Association,
now tells us that giving gender reassignment therapy,
is a "medical necessity."

I am not a doctor, but clearly that is bullshit.



Filthy lies from the Washington Post


Trump loves a conspiracy theory.
Now his allies in the fringe media want him to fall for one in Syria.

By Adam Taylor
Washington Post, 2017-04-07

This WaPo article is sooooo wrong on two issues:
First, the theory that Syria is being falsely accused of using chemical weapons this week is hardly a "conspiracy theory".
Second, the people trying to set the record straight on what happened are certainly not necessarily
closely linked to the “alt-right,” a small, far-right movement whose members are known for espousing racist, anti-Semitic and sexist points of view.

Here are three examples of those trying to counter the MSM's narrative on what happened in Syria:
In particular, at that last website, see the detailed counterargument to the MSM's narrative by the anonymous commentator "Publius Tacitus":

(Women might want to note the association of rational, honest thinking regarding Syria
with "sexist points of view".

Anyhow, the most important point is that the WaPo does not cite such knowledgeable sources as those linked to above,
but rather goes way out of its way to try to associate those questioning U.S. actions
with such as Alex Jones, rather than such experienced U.S. intelligence figures as Phil Giraldi and Patrick Lang.