Martin Baron's "blood-soaked regime"

So, Marty, the editorial page under your control has repeatedly described the Syrian regime as "blood-soaked".
The latest example of such a description on the ed page:
Trump shouldn’t repeat Obama’s mistake in Iraq and Syria
On Syria, Washington appears content to step aside
as Russia and Iran work to restore the authority of
the blood-soaked regime of Bashar al-Assad.

Just what is your complaint against the regime of Bashar al-Assad?
I have no reason to doubt the reports that it has used brutal methods to suppress opposition.
So has Israel.
So have many other regimes.
Just why, Marty, must Syria be singled out from all the states in the world that have used brutal methods,
which could no doubt be described as "blood-soaked",
for opposition by the U.S.?

Oh, wait, if we read a little further in the editorial we discover something special about Syria.
The editorial ends with
A failure by the United States to defend its allies or promote new political arrangements for the two Arab states will lead only to more war, the rise of new terrorist threats and, ultimately, the necessity of more U.S. intervention.
There you have it. It's all about Israel. Why else did the Post exaggerate the supposed threat from Iraq back in 2003 to incite the disastrous deposing of the, again, "blood-soaked" regime of Saddam Hussein?
With results that the Post now decries, namely, the not very surprising ties between Iraq's Shiites and those of Iran.

We know, Marty, what your game and goal is:
To make the U.S. Israel's patsy.
Pure and simple.

Now, Marty, some questions for you:
Which of the Post's editors, opinion columnists, reporters, and managers are Jewish?
What could be more relevant to discerning the possibility of loyalty to a foreign power?
You know, "the Jewish nation". (A term not of my invention, but one used by Jews themselves).
How about bringing some light to that situation?
After all, you know, "Democracy dies in darkness".

(For a powerful rebuttal to the Post's position, see:
Are Our Mideast Wars Forever?
by Patrick J. Buchanan, 2017-10-24,
by a man who seems to be personna non grata to the Post's editorial page.)

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